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What We Do

Premier Prevention is a direct payment model prevention clinic located in Memphis, TN, where patients receive the best cardiovascular prevention testing, risk assessment, and cardiovascular disease management/reversal that medical science has to offer without concern for the barriers of managed healthcare.

Using P3 Software, founded and created by Dr. David Wright, patients can receive a comprehensive road map for the prevention of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, including testing recommendations, medications, supplements, lifestyle recommendations, specific lifestyle education, and health coaching for lasting behavior change and true prevention/reversal of cardiovascular disease. 

Advanced Lab Testing

Advanced Lipid Testing, Inflammatory Markers, and Genetics are a few of the lab tests necessary for uncovering your personal risk for heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. These tests are not routinely used in primary care or conventional cardiology, even though the science supporting these tests has been available for many years. 

Personal Medical History

Understanding your unique background helps us to understand the uniqueness of you and your risk. By spending time with you and engaging your current healthcare providers, we can initiate the next steps to identifying your true risk and working together to eliminate that risk.

Diagnostic Imaging

The identification of plaque in your arterial system is fundamental to understanding your risk for heart attack and stroke. Tests like Carotid Intima-Media Thickness, Ankle Brachial Index, Aortic Ultrasound, and Endothelial Function Testing are a few of the tests that are instrumental in our evaluation of your personal risk.

Premier Patient Experience

The American Healthcare system is broken. Providers and patients alike suffer from the clinical and financial limitations of the insurance model. Our goal is to provide Premier Customer Service and Premier Medical Care without a waiting room full of sick patients and an assembly-line approach to your visit. 

Health Coaching

Your optimal health is our goal. We know that lasting behavior change requires discipline and practice. Our Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Educators are trained to support you as you apply your Personalized P3 Prevention Plan to daily living. We don't give you a plan and expect you to wing it. We're here to guide you every step of the way. 

Personalized Education

In a world where information is immediately at our fingertips, "experts" on nutrition, exercise, stress management, and supplements are a dime a dozen. At Premier Prevention, our commitment is that we will only provide you with education that is founded in science and is useful in guiding you toward optimal health.

Contact Us to Get Started

Service Packages include:

  •  A Comprehensive Risk Assessment 
  • Advanced Laboratory and Diagnostic Testing 
  • Office Visits with Dr. Wright
  • Comprehensive P3 Prevention Plan
  • Health Coaching with a Registered Dietitian/Wellness Coach
  • Individualized Education specific to your plan
  • Prevention Medication and Supplement Management


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